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Magnet 2022 - Dino

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Magnet 2022 - Dino
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A magnet of the beautiful motifs for our new Rio de Janeiro site.

Please see the item for further information!

Hände für Kinder e.V. (Hands for children)



Since 2007 we are releasing our beautiful pins and magnets with the most beautiful Wunderland scenes. We present the most beautiful motifs for our new Rio de Janeiro site.

The proceeds of 2,992.80 euros for this pin/ magnet go to Hände für Kinder e.V. (Hands for children)

The booster club “Hände für Kinder e.V.“  is going  to provide  a short term home for severely disabled children in order to take the weight off their parents shoulders for a little while ( the “Neuer Kupferhof”). In 2011 the association managed to buy the Kupferhof, in 2012 the remodeling took place. After that  the small guests with big handicaps are welcome at the Kupferhof. The Kupferhof and its team will take care of children and young adults who are severely disabled and need care and attention around the clock. This way, parents, who tend to their children 24/7 can have a bit of leisure time and recuperate from the intensive care.  At the Kupferhof therapists and nurses are also going to be there for consultations. www.haendefuerkinder.de

ALL proceeds (including our manufacturing costs) go to a good cause.

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