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Magnet 2022 - Wal

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Magnet 2022 - Wal
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A magnet of our beautiful Rio de Janeiro motifs.

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Recipent: Fundraising campaign by Cindy Altmann Haupt: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Eddy



Since 2007 we are releasing our beautiful pins and magnets with the most beautiful Wunderland scenes. We present the most beautiful motifs for our new Rio de Janeiro site.

The proceeds of 2,992.80 euros got to: Gofundme – Oxygen therapy for Eddy

On January 8th 2022, Eddy had a terrible accident while playing in the garden. He broke into the frozen pond and almost drowned. Under ongoing resuscitation, Eddy was transported to the hospital Klinikum Großhadern in Munich and upon arrival, he got connected to an ECMO machine. He fought for his life and survived, but he was diagnosed with hypertoxic brain damage and a hemi-paresis on the right side. Eddy was in a vegetative state with a sleep-wake cycle. He was barely reacting to outside stimuli and developed spasms. Besides a rehabilitation clinic, his last option is an HBTO-therapy with 100% pure oxygen in a pressure chamber. Dr. Paul Harch, a physician from New Orleans, succeeded in improving the lives of many children with this therapy. Under pressure, oxygen reaches all body cavities. With the pressure of 100% pure oxygen, the regeneration of brain cells gets stimulated, or even the development of new brain cells. Eddy fought so hard, even though his chances for survival were under 10%, and he finally made it to the point that his eyes purposely follow other people, and he has started to smile again.

ALL proceeds (including our manufacturing costs) go to a good cause.

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