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PIN # 5: May 2016: Carpet Merchant

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PIN # 5: May 2016: Carpet Merchant
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Pin 5 of 12 of the most beautiful themes from the Speicherstadt (Ancient Warehouse District). For further information click the image, please!

Stiftung Mittagskinder (Association Lunch Children)



Since we have covered all existing theme worlds so far we will present you with the most beautiful themes from the Speicherstadt (Ancient Warehouse District) for 2016.

May 2016 - PIN #  5 - Carpet Merchant

Donated to: Stiftung Mittagskinder (Association Lunch Children)
The non-profit association Mittagskinder in Hamburg offers a socio-paedagogical supervision for children coming from a misfortunate social background in their so-called “Kindertreffs” (meeting places). These shelters are situated in inner city locations. More than 120 children receive healthy and appropriate meals free of charge. 

All revenues goes to Stiftung Mittagskinder (Association Lunch Children).

More information: www.stiftung-mittagskinder.de

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