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PIN # 7: July 2019: Venedig Tourismo

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PIN # 7: July 2019: Venedig Tourismo
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Pin 7 of 12 of the beautiful Venedig motives. Please klick on the link for further information!

Recipent: GoBanyo - The shower bus



Since 2007 we are releasing our beautiful pins and magnets with the most beautiful Wunderland scenes. Therefore we'll present the most beautiful Venedig images in 2019.

July 2019 - PIN # 7 - Venedig Tourismo

Donated to: GoBanyo – The shower bus
We want to bring a human right to the streets: the right to personal hygiene. For this we are remodelling a discarded urban bus. It will have fully equipped bathrooms and an integrated used clothing counter. Homeless people can take care of themselves there- in privacy. This gives them back a sense of self worth and their dignity. Due to the integrated clothes donation counter they can preserve the feeling of freshness and clean clothing for a little while longer. Currently we are promoting all over Hamburg for support for our shower bus. But the more we can get done together, the longer GoBanyo can stay in operation. The possibility of taking a shower does not only cleanse the body, but also the general wellbeing. We are sure: This will open doors. People will receive a new sense of self confidence. The GoBanyo bus will be operating on the streets where it is needed. With regular locations. For routine. For Hamburg. For the homeless. Washing is dignity.

All revenues goes to GoBanyo – The shower bus.

More infromations: www.startnext.com/gobanyo-duschbus

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