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Culinary Trip around the World

After the great success of "Wunderland at Night", we are now testing a new very special series of events: a Culinary Trip around the World!
The most exciting all-inclusive evening of all times! Enjoy the 'local speciality' of (and in) each of our sections, and let yourself be enchanted by the scenery of the Miniatur Wunderland.

Only on selected days! From 9.15pm - 11.00pm.

'Labskausschaum with Ketacaviar' in Hamburg, original 'Rösties' in the Swiss Alps or fresh salmon in Scandinavia - local drinks of each area of course included - are just a small selection of what you can expect. Beside the dinner, you can explore the exhibition in an exclusive setting of small groups of visitors. Without any waiting times nor big crowds you can leave your everyday life behind and find yourself not only visually in a different world.

The following culinary highlights will be served:

drinks: Fritzcola and Astra
meals: Labskausschaum with Ketakaviar
Pumpernickeltaler with Matjes and beetroot
Hamburger red fruit jelly

drinks: Vodkashot
meals: Köttbullar with lingonbeeries
Graved salmon with horseradish-cream
Kopenhagener Mini Plunder

drinks: Coca Cola in cans
meals: coconut-chicken-Nuggets with cinnamon-ketchup on Cole Slaw
baked potato au gratin with cream cheese-spinach-filling
brownie slices

drinks: Rivella
meals: Röstitaler with smoked trout
Emmentaler-spits with grapes
Bündnerfleischröllchen with apple-walnut-filling

Our guides will turn your evening into an even more special experience with details background information about the Wunderland. We are looking forward to your visit!

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